Jul 272014

Francis is walking on the streets of a foreign city. He can see a person about 200 meters from him. The person seems to be a girl. She is holding a large piece of paper high above her head. He cannot see what is on the paper. He keeps on walking towards the girl. As he comes closer he can see that the girl is beautiful. She is about 20. She has black hair. She is tall and slim. He still cannot see what is on the paper. He comes closer to her. Now he can see the writing on the paper. FREE HUGS. Francis does not understand. He goes around the girl but stops ten meters from her. He wants to know what it means. He turns around. He is standing behind the girl. The girl makes a few steps and then turns around. She is smiling. A woman comes to the girl. The girl hugs the woman. They hug for about 15 seconds. Then the woman goes away from the girl. The woman goes around Francis. She is smiling. Now Francis understands. You can come to the girl and hug her for free. Francis is surprised. He thinks this is a wonderful idea. He goes to the girl to hug her. They hug for a long time. When they are finished he thanks the girl. The girl smiles at him and she thanks him, too. He walks away from the girl with a big smile on his face. He feels stronger, younger and happier.

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